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Months In The Making
After many months of rebuilding and reengineering, Tactile Media is happy to announce the release of tmControl2 v2-2. This is a major update designed for compatibility with LiveCode 7 (LC 8 in the works). Virtually every control has been updated, along with a bunch of new added features and fixes.

Visit the tmControl2 FAQ to learn more.
As thanks for past support, a limited-time 30% discount is being offered to Tactile Media customers, who are being notified via email. If you are a Tactile Media customer and have not received an email notice by end of day Friday March 11, please contact Tactile Media support.
  • Added the ability to snapshot control layouts (rects and positions) at different screen sizes/orientations for responsive UI designs
  • Added built-in resize detection as a behavior to automatically resize auto-position controls on a card
  • Added all iOS screen sizes to the Control Editor along with automatic stack size detection
  • Improved/rebuilt icon management and established three standard states for both image and glyph icons: icon, hoverIcon (desktop only), and hiliteIcon
  • Added 9 new icon font sets to the Icon Library, for a combined total of over 4,000 icons and images
  • Added the ability to use both imported and referenced images as icons
  • Added the ability to search the Icon Library using keywords
  • Added an integrated icon property editor
  • Simplified the process of assigning an icon font to a segmented control
  • Added an integrated color picker to the Control Editor with tint selection
  • Simplified universal color assignment
  • Updated and improved controls demo stack with example scripts for all controls
  • Updated blur external for iOS9 (courtesy Monte Goulding) and demo stack
  • NEW shopping list demo stack showcasing advanced UI behavior
Can't Wait For 8?
The upcoming LiveCode version 8 looks great, but if you need to deliver iOS apps now, tmControl2 v2-2 allows you to build and ship today. Since the components are scripted, they work in LC7 and will be compatible with LC8 when released.